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ELMOTAWAKEL Is one of the major importing companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the company is operating in the field of import and trade in timber, began operations in 1992 as a commercial company. Began in the area of import since 2000, the company imports about 250000 cubic meters annually from the land of Russia, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Austria, Germany, Canada, China, is also importing all kinds of plywood,
The company recently started to open up new markets and the import of Auto Transport (Trucks).
Adopt these imports came in first on the strength of the economic relationship between Egypt and these countries.
The aim of the company's main branches in Cairo and Alexandria is to maintain the integrity of the environment and the Egyptian and global economy, where the company refuses to deal in the import of consumer goods that are detrimental to the economy,
In this sense, we have participated in advancing the progress and the eradication of poverty and unemployment.
The company is running the largest number of young fresh graduates in these areas,
The company has a good reputation among peers, we are over ten years we have built a wall of confidence between us and our customers and suppliers, for good performance and the Secretariat with clients and individuals, corporations and institutions, as the company has a large number of customers at various levels in all governorates of the country. (Cairo - Delta - Luxor and Aswan.
Elmotawakel company look forward to expand its activity through the provision of products to which suit the Egyptian market.
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